Tuesday 10 June 2014

Plug of the Month - Rapture and what comes after by ...Me


If you paid attention to this blog post from earlier in the year, you may have noticed I was putting a flash fiction collection together. I had intended to make it my first foray into self publishing (thanks to great advice from Marc Nash and fine editing from my twin Julia Williams) but then I saw a call for submissions from Gumbo Press. To my delight, Gumbo have taken it on. "Rapture and what comes after" will be available on Kindle and Print on Demand just in time for National Flash Fiction Day.

The collection consists of fifteen pairs of stories, many of which were first posted here as part of "Friday Flash".   Each story is a reflection of the experience of love, with the part one stories telling the more positive side of love, and the part two stories giving a slightly darker view. Each pair of stories is linked in some way, either through character, theme or motif.

I'm so pleased that this collection is being published. I'm even more pleased that I didn't have to do it myself as I'm just not very good at this sort of thing. Thanks so much to Calum Kerr from Gumbo for his hard work and encouragement. He managed to juggle putting this together with planning for NFFD, teaching creative writing and writing his own collections. He even did the beautiful front cover - how does he do it?

And talking of NFFD, I've decided to use this blog to celebrate the wonders of flash fiction, so over the next few days I'll be promoting the work of some of the fine flash fiction writers out there.

Happy Reading Everyone.


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