Saturday, 21 June 2014

Celebrating Flash Fiction - Calum and Kath Kerr

I have managed to celebrate two male and two female writers this week, so it seems only fitting to conclude with a married couple, Mr and Mrs Flash Fiction themselves (the Brangelina of the short short story).

I first came across Calum in 2011 when I saw he was touting the idea of a National Flash Fiction Day. I was quick to sign up and thoroughly enjoyed myself, so have been a big fan ever since. I soon noticed that he and Kath were doing really interesting things, like setting themselves challenges to write a flash fiction story every day for a year. I didn't catch all of them but the ones I did were excellent, meaning that this collection is well worth a read.

Since then, they continue to be busy writing. Calum has been particularly prolific as he has set himself another challenging writing task of writing a flash fiction collection every month (doing pretty well too) and published a fine "how to" book about flash fiction.

They've also  set up Gumbo Press which publishes a regular ezine,  small e-books and has recently branched out into flash fiction collections (including my own!). They're a young company but you can already predict that they will do well.

In addition Calum teaches, and of course continues to direct NFFD which grows bigger and better by the year, and so it's great to be celebrating his and Kath's work today.

I've only shared a few of the writers I've come across (and haven't even started on my overseas friends) just to give you a flavour of the wonderful talent out there. But I hope it's whetted your appetite and whether you follow #nffd today, or #fridayflash or just branch out and explore other places where flash is being produced, I hope you find stories that will make your day.

Happy Reading Y'All!


Anonymous said...

Bought Calum's guide and am aiming to get active. Only 2 more days of chalk face work left now.

Virginia Moffatt said...

Good for you and enjoy your last days...Starting new job in July - London beckons so maybe a drink sometime?