Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Celebrating Flash Fiction - Marc Nash

I encountered Marc Nash back in 2010 when I first joined the Friday Flash community. I quickly spotted a writer with a fine sense of wordplay (as shown in this story Pelvic Floored , brilliant title and the joy of that last line). I soon discovered that he loves to experiment, moving from light to dark with ease and telling urgent stories that matter, and always looked forward to his weekly posts. Not surprisingly we quickly got talking on twitter, where we found we have many common interests and ever since, we've enjoyed sharing and reading each other's work.

Marc is a very different sort of writer from me, and his work can, at times, be quite challenging. But I love the originality of his writing and the humanity of his characters, even when he is at his bleakest. I also enjoy the way he crosses boundaries,  as evidenced by this his partnership with Pixel Pixie Design to tell his story Just Aphasia Going Through through kinetic typography. It was great on his blog but fascinating like this.

Marc blogs at Sulci Collective, where he will also share his thoughts on music, politics and writing in general. He has an interesting take on the world, so is always worth a read. He is also extremely prolific and has self published two  flash fiction collections 52ff and 16ff. And I'm pleased to say that his next collection "28 Far Cries" will be published by Gumbo Press in time for National Flash Fiction Day so we get to be with the same press too.

Marc is a fine novelist and his self published books A, B& E, Not in My Name and Time after Time are all available to download on Kindle.

I'd hoped to lure him to Oxford for NFFD but alas! Bristol got him first. Next year maybe.

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