Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Celebrating Flash Fiction - Icy Sedgwick

Icy Sedgwick is another writer I met through Friday Flash. I always enjoy her stories, particularly because of the ease with which she jumps genres: horror, fantasy, gothic, westerns all come very easily to her pen.

Icy's stories are so varied, you never know where you are going, but you're always entertained by the resolution. In  "Wake Me" a group of commuters are intrigued by the man who regularly sleeps in the corner. Whilst "Footsteps" is an unusual take on the nervousness we can all feel alone, late at night. "Allergy" is fine piece of historical fiction, where the heroine's allergy has a deadly consequence. Whilst "Psychic"ponders whether it really is an advantage to be able to read minds. And in "The Numbers"mathematicians around the world obsessively solve equations without realising their true purpose.

In addition to her flash fiction, Icy has also published two novels: "The Guns of Retribution" a Western, and "The Necromancer's Apprentice", a horror fantasy, both of which have featured on her blog.

Icy used to post at "Icy's Blunt Pencil, but she's given her site a makeover. Her new look website, "Icy Sedgwick's Cabinet of Curiosities" is a delight, and as well as fiction writing, also features many interesting essays. Please do go and visit, enjoyment guaranteed.

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