Thursday, 6 September 2012


Oh dear...that last blog post wasn't just optimistic, it was totally deluded. In the  18 days since I posted I have managed one evening of writing. That's right. Just one. First of all work got a bit manic, so even on my theoretical days off I was tied to the computer, and rather knackered when I was done. Then came the bank holiday, which saw us camping at the Greenbelt festival for four days, surviving torrential rain and deep gloopy mud. I went to lots of great talks, (including my lovely hubby) did a reading with my eldest daughter and caught up with lots of friends, but it wasn't exactly conducive to writing. Last week was as manic at work as this, and several nights under canvas had left me too shattered to think. By Thursday I decided work had had too much of my time, so I hooked up with my lovely twin aka Julia Williams and her kids at a leisure centre half way between us.It was wonderful and necessary, but put paid to another evening's work.

I was hoping for a last blast of enthusiasm when I went to my mother's at the weekend, but a summer of early rising and whirlwind activity finally caught up with me. When I wasn't chasing my 82 year old Ma up Shropshire hills (she's a tad on the awesome side) I couldn't stop myself from falling asleep. I did visit the fabulous Burway Books a great indy bookshop where I had a lovely chat with Ros the owner (who is well stocked in Julia's books and also the lovely Kate Long (aka volewriter). I bought A Room with A View to remind myself what Edwardians sound like, but that was about as literary as it got.

It was so beautiful on Monday, I didn't get on the road till 7, and with the work, kids going back to school, and celebrations for my beloved's birthday I resigned myself to the fact this week has been a wash out too.

So it's all been a bit horribly pearshaped really. Still, I am a hopeful soul. I have a three hour train journey tomorrow that should be plenty of time to write shouldn't it? Once I get to York, with no family responsibilities and three days of writer mingling, I'm sure the words will flow once more. And even if they don't, I'm going to be staying at my old University. I am going to meet authors, agents and book doctors. I am going to hear interesting speakers, and hopefully pick up a ton of advice.

I can't wait.


John Wiswell said...

My other WIP is languishing a similar fate, even if I've had the "good" excuses of excessive travel and no spare time. God willing, I'll dive back in next week as soon as my queries are mailed out and business contacts shored up on the first novel. What are you doing to ensure you'll hit the work?

Virginia Moffatt said...

Thanks for your encouragement John! I blogged all weekend and just being among writers did the trick...Hope you are similarly successful. B