Sunday, 19 August 2012

Down to Earth with a bump

It was inevitable, really.  Post-holiday & Marathon excitement, returning to work and organising a sleepover for no 2's birthday. Face it, I wasn't going to get much done this week. On the upside, nothing too terrible waited for me in the office, and as you can see from the previous post, Brave was an excellent choice for birthday film. On the downside, Monday and Tuesday was a bombardment of meetings, emails and colleagues trying to bend my ear. Whilst Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with entertaining hyper twelve years, and trying to create the perfect Dr Who cake. It wasn't a complete disaster,  the icing was Tardis blue and it was sufficiently Tardis-like to be recognisable. But I mismanaged the building blocks so the sides bulged with crumbling sponge, and it ended up somewhat spherical. Luckily no 2 is easily pleased (even more so with the Fez I managed to get in my lunchbreak on Monday), but mother was totally exhausted by Wednesday evening, certainly too tired to write. With another full on work day on Thursday, it wasn't till Friday that I had a chance to look at Parts 2 and 4, before it was time to lighten my bank account by the annual trip to buy school uniform.

The good news is that Part 2 is actually beginning to work in parts. The narrative flow is strong enough and there are certainly sections where I feel I am almost translating my imaginary novel onto the page in the way I intend. The bad news is that not only is Part 4 a lot lighter on the word count then I imagined ( it needs another 10,000 at least), but oh dear, the words I wrote 2 summers ago, look a lot poorer today then they did back then. There's a LOT of work to do clearly.

With a little bit of application of the weekend, I've added 1,000 words to the first chapter, definitely is an improvement on the original. It's progress, but not enough. I have three weeks to go before the York Festival of Writing, and at this rate, I'm way off target.

Ever the optimist I'm aiming to pick up the pace this week. You never know I just might surprise myself.

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John Wiswell said...

Good luck with that flow, Virginia!