Monday, 28 April 2014

Roll up, roll up - National Flash Fiction Day - June 21st

I am simultaneous excited and terrified to announce that I am organising my first ever literary event for National Flash Fiction Day.

Lovely Denis at the wonderful Albion Beatnik  has kindly agreed to let me host an evening of flash fiction at his shop. It would be terribly tedious if it was just me, so all flash fiction writers, whatever your experience are welcome to come and read. This will be a chance to showcase your work and celebrate the wonders of the really short, short story.*

21st June 7.15pm for 7.30pm start at Albion Beatnik, 34, Walton Street, OX2 4AU, Oxford.

£2 for participants, £3 for audience.
If you'd like to take part, please email me at and tell your friends as it's always preferable to speak to a crowd :-)

* Maximum word limit 1,000 but I won't be checking! No poetry please.

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