Friday, 30 September 2011

#fridayflash White Wedding

"You didn't get married then?"
Sylvie shook her head.
"Wow, that's...I mean...I thought you two were so close." Sophie's green-black eyes shimmered her concern.
"We were."
"When I saw you at the bar that night, it looked like you were eating each other."
"He is tasty, there's no denying." Sylvie seemed fascinated by a mark on one of her feet.
"So, what happened?"
"I had the most divine dress."
"Designed by?"
"Stella McCartney of course." Sylvie gazed down at her long black limbs, "V neck, vertical line, three quarter sleeves, white silk - perfect for the hour glass figure."
"I happened to glance at our engagement photo and it came to me..."
"What did?"
"It was his diet, you see."
"You left him because he went on a diet?" Sophie's mouth opened in a perfect "O" , exposing a set of jagged teeth.
"He wasn't the person I'd fallen for," Sylvie sighed, "When we met, he was round, cuddly, juicy. Now he's just skin and bone."
"I guess you could say, he went out of flavour."
"That's a lousy joke." Sophie giggled anyway, setting Sylvie off into convulsions. They shook so much that strands of silk holding them together split apart, swinging them in opposite directions like trapeze artists. Sylvie spun sticky threads rapidly as she passed her friend doing the same. They worked hard and in ten minutes they were hanging upside down in the centre of the newly fixed web.
"Has it put you off?" panted Sophie.
"A white wedding? Nah, it'll happen, and with any luck, quite soon..." Sylvie nodded at a bulbous brown male scuttling along the floor below. "See that? Delicious."


Tim VanSant Writes said...

This is a tasty treat of a flash. Nicely done.

Sonia Lal said...

LOL such gossipy spiders!

John Wiswell said...

Ha! Good one, Virginia. I thought this was semi-realism, even at the "eating each other" line. Thought that was a highly colorful description for kissing. As it unfolds, it gets so amusing.

Al Bruno III said...


Donald Conrad said...

Wonderfully revealed. Thanks for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

heehee, I wondered what kind of predator she was! nice little story :)

Sulci Collective said...

8 legs, room for 8 wedding bands...

I love spiders & silky webs...